Ever since the Steam Deck was announced, competition in the handheld console realm has been heating up again. We have seen a number of brands launch their own versions after Steam Deck and it appears that Apple may be one of them soon.

According to an exclusive report from iDropNews, Apple is about to bring the fight to Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. The report says that it’s going to be a hybrid gaming console, a combination of the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, for example. This is because it will have support for Apple’s AR/VR headset.

Apple is Making a Nintendo Switch Competitor: Leak

The source adds that Apple has already kickstarted the development of several game titles and there are major game studios onboard. Video games that would rival the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey are almost ready to go.

An older leak from a few years back did claim that Apple is working on a Breath of the Wild rival so Apple may, in fact, be ready to shock the gaming industry. Some say that Apple’s plans for a gaming console were delayed due to COVID-19, but there is a high chance that this unnamed Apple console will finally see the light of the day soon.

The Apple console’s gaming performance is still unknown, and we will likely have to wait a bit longer for intricate details. But the expectations are high since Apple’s self-made chips are already outperforming the competition.