Valve, the American video game developer, commonly known for titles such as CS:GO, Dota 2, and the Half-Life series may be working on a portable gaming pc. This will allow Steam users to play their game library on the go.

The report comes from ArsTechnica citing multiple resources familiar with the matter. The report says that Valve has been working on an all-in-one gaming PC with gamepad controls. This device will reportedly include an Intel or AMD SoC and will likely boot Linux.

One of its prototypes is said to be wider than the Nintendo Switch and comes with the usual gamepad buttons, joysticks, and triggers. It also has a touch screen interface and Steam controller-like touchpad.

Just like the Switch, the Valve device will connect to an external display using a USB C port.

The report does not mention whether Valve plans to release multiple models or just one, or what kind of components it will come with. There was no mention of a possible price either, but it is likely not going to cost anywhere near the Nintendo Switch ($299) with the ongoing global chip shortage.

Valve will reportedly release the “SteamPal” by the end of the year, but supply constraints may affect that timeline.

There have been many reports and leaks regarding a possible Steam console, but keep in mind that Valve is a company that is famous for abandoning ambitious projects after marketing them. Hence, we recommend taking this info with a grain of salt.