In September 2020, Vivo launched its first smartwatch with a sleek design and several competitive features.

On December 21st this year, Vivo teased the launch of its successor, the Watch 2, at a press conference held in collaboration with China’s biggest three telecom companies (China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile).

The company has now officially announced the second-generation smartwatch in China. Watch 2 comes equipped with an ultra-long battery life of 7-days with the eSIM turned on and can go up to 14-days without the eSIM.

The smartwatch is equipped with support for Himalaya FM and Netease Cloud Music, allowing users to stream music without connecting to a smartphone. The Watch 2 also includes support for built-in sports modes.

Vivo Watch 2 Announced With Premium Design and 14-Day Battery


With a 50ATM waterproof and dustproof rating, the Vivo Watch 2 is even suitable for use underwater.

An emergency call feature on the Watch 2 makes it easy for the wearer to reach emergency services such as paramedics, police, etc. without a smartphone.

Most traditional smartwatches monitor sleep based on acceleration sensors. While the Vivo Watch 2 smartwatch uses advanced CPC cardiopulmonary coupled analysis technology that accurately determines the stage and proportion of sleep, accurately recording naps.

Watch 2 can monitor the health of a user 24/7, while also monitoring blood oxygen, heart rate, etc. It can then synchronize the data to a smartphone to enhance user traceability. The smartwatch also includes other lifestyle guidance features such as stress monitoring, body vitality values, and can alert users when to drink water.

Vivo Watch 2 Announced With Premium Design and 14-Day Battery


The Vivo Watch 2 adopts a bezel-less display design and uses a 316L stainless steel body, with a standard fluorine rubber strap, and a Japanese-shaped buckle. The strap is flexible and durable, while at the same time being comfortable and stable to wear.

A second variant of the smartwatch includes Nappa leather straps, made of bull head leather through a special tanning process.

The smartwatch is available on the official Vivo China website for a retail price of $204.