Xiaomi recently revealed that it has sold more than 20 million units of its Mijia-branded electric toothbrushes since the first product was introduced. The company has now announced the latest Mijia T301 Sonic Electric Toothbrush with a battery life of up to 50 days.

The upgraded version of Xiaomi’s Sonic Electric Toothbrush can achieve 31,000 vibrations per minute with a decent vibrating force, solving the common problem of weakening the brush head.

The Sonic Electric Toothbrush makes use of copper-free bristle technology, which reduces the presence of metal rust stains while also limiting the growth of bacteria.

Xiaomi Launches Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush With 50-Day Battery Life

With a 10o oblique outer side bristle cut, the T301 has a tooth-shaped bristle design that helps protect the gums.

The toothbrush can be used in standard mode for 50 days. The brush includes wireless base protection that helps reduce the risk of any water damage. Plus, the head charges wirelessly, regardless of the angle, when placed on the charging base.

Xiaomi’s Mijia T301 Sonic Electric Toothbrush can attain a full charge within 4 hours. However, a charge of 2 minutes is sufficient for brushing if the device runs out of battery.

The toothbrush has an IPX8 waterproof rating, with a one-piece body and double-sealed design. The smart design helps with leakage and water ingress from the charging area. Thanks to this design, the brush can be easily submerged into water without the fear of damage.