Huawei was gearing up to launch the world’s first smartwatch with a medical-grade blood pressure monitor but that title has been nicked by YHE, a Chinese watchmaker. The company has been working behind the scenes on the BP Doctor MED smartwatch, which is now the world’s first to feature a medical-grade BP monitor.

This Smartwatch has the World’s First Medical Grade BP Monitor

This watch is a direct successor to the YHE BP Doctor with several medical-grade health monitors onboard and a larger 1.63-inch AMOLED display. It has a highly accurate 24/7 BP monitor with certifications from the FDA and CE. It can also warn you of BP fluctuations throughout the day.

This is facilitated by the watch’s dual inflatable cuff, which enables more accurate BP readings.

The watch can track your sleep and various activities throughout the day and report them through Health Insight reports. It can sync with your smartphone and send you push notifications, call alerts, alarm reminders, and more. The 220 mAh can last up to 7 days and can be charged back up in only 2 hours.

The BP Doctor MED did cut a few corners such as skipping waterproofing and a few other smartwatch features, but it’s a medical smartwatch and should be treated like one. Its retail price is a bit high at $359 and it will be available globally in January 2022.