At the recently held launch event, Honor, along with other devices also launched its smart Gimbal camera. We have seen similar products being released under Xiaomi’s crowdfunded platform, but it looks like Honor is also trying to jump the bandwagon as well.


Just like Xiaomi’s products, the Honor Byblue’s Smart Gimbal Camera comes with a minimalistic design. It looks more like a fragrance diffuser than a camera.

However, the camera is designed to be compact, portable and easy to use. It features one-button operation and was specifically designed this way so that it can be easily operated by users who don’t have any technological know-how.

Imaging capabilities

The smart camera provides images with 1080p resolution and can detect human-shaped figures on top of the AI motion detection function and AI sound detection function. Apart from this, it boasts a 360 degrees horizontal Field of view and 100 degrees vertical field of view. The Honor Byblue’s Smart Gimbal Camera can even take good quality images in very dark conditions.

Other features

On top of the above-mentioned features, the Camera has an in-built intercom that can be used to call a mobile or another Smart Gimbal Camera. It can be paired with Honor’s smart life app for viewing the captured images and videos.