Last week, we covered news of the Mi Band X, which was rumored to feature a 360-degree wraparound display and more. This Mi Band was leaked through an internal Xiaomi presentation, which showed a slide of the Mi Band X.

However, Wang Hua of Xiaomi’s PR department has debunked these theories, saying that while the leaked presentation was real, there is no such thing as a Mi Band X. He added that this presentation was, in fact, the company’s internal training program for new employees and is a 2-year-old presentation.

There is No Such Thing as a Mi Band X: Xiaomi

This confirms that the Mi Band X is not real and all reports speculating its launch are false, including our previous report.

The fitness band was first leaked by a tipster on Weibo who revealed that it would have a flexible display that completely goes around your wrist. It would have a strap-less design and would only use magnets to snap around your wrist. The presentation also said that it would come in a black variant.

The Mi Band X was shaping up to be the most interesting band to ever release, so it is disappointing to see that it’s not real.

However, there is still the Mi Band 7 to look up to, which is expected to show up in leaks over the upcoming months.