Earlier today, Xiaomi launched a soundbar-like speaker focused on teleconferencing dubbed the Xiaomi Audio and Video Conference Speaker. With this device, Xiaomi aims to offer a new experience to users when it comes to remote conferences.

Design and Construction
The speaker looks a lot like the Sonos soundbar. It comes with a camera in the center for video calls and has LED lights at the bottom as indicators.

Xiaomi Unveils an Audio and Video Conference Speaker


The power and volume buttons are housed at the top of the speaker. However, you will also be able to control the settings using the Mijia App.


The speaker is powered by a Qualcomm APQ8053 octa-core processor which is manufactured using a 14nm process. Along with top-notch sound quality, it also offers ultra-clear 4K picture quality.

The camera mounted on the Xiaomi Audio and Video Conference Speaker supports a 12-degree wide-angle field of view and a 5-meter of smart pickup for face-to-face remote meetings.

The company has not revealed the complete spec sheet of the speaker yet.

Pricing and Availability

The device will go on sale on 10th June 2021 and will come with a $313 price tag.

More details about the specifications will be unveiled at the launch event that will be virtually aired in Beijing tomorrow.