Xiaomi has added a new Mijia washing machine to its vast lineup of smart home appliances. This one comes in a set of separate units for washing and drying with 10kg capacity each.

Since it is a smart washing machine, it can be controlled remotely through the Mijia phone app, which lets you pick between a range of washing modes and other options. The machine is equipped with several cleaning features such as double sterilization, mite removal technology, silver ion sterilization, and a built-in UVC lamp for deactivating viruses, bacteria, mold, and more.

There are over 22 washing modes that cover a wide variety of clothes including jackets, delicate fabrics, light clothes, white clothing, and so on. The machine’s 48-pole direct drive motor can be controlled precisely according to your needs. The dryer can automatically adjust its function according to the fabric and it has over 24 drying modes.

Xiaomi Launches a Smart Washing Machine With Dozens of Features

As mentioned earlier, the Mijia washing and drying set can be controlled remotely through the Mijia phone app. It even lets you set different times for washing and drying your clothes.

The Mijia washing and drying set is only available in China for now for an exorbitant price tag of $712.