MacBook users complaining of battery drain issues can finally rejoice as Apple released the macOS 12.2 update to resolve the matter.

Previously, some users had reported that the batteries of their MacBook would drain while the computer was asleep, eventually reaching 0% overnight. Evidence supported that Bluetooth may be the reason behind the drainage. However, some users reported that even with Bluetooth turned off before they closed their computers, the issue did not resolve.

MacWorld also reported:

Users of macOS Monterey are turning to social media to find help with an apparent bug that causes MacBook running macOS Monterey 12.2 to completely lose battery power overnight. Based on several Twitter reports, users are finding that their MacBooks are waking up from sleep countless times a night and causing the battery to drain. The problem seems to affect both Intel and M1 Macs.

This is Why Your MacBook’s Battery is Draining So Fast

Release notes for v. 12.2.1 state that the update contains fixes for “an issue for Intel-based Mac computers that may cause the battery to drain during sleep when connected to Bluetooth peripherals.”

On Thursday, Apple also released updates for iOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS.

If someone is using an iPhone or iPad, it is best to install the 15.3.1 update as soon as possible, as Apple has added fixes for multiple security flaws that may be actively exploited.

AppleTrack notes that the update will also resolve a bug with a braille-related accessibility feature. While the watchOS v. 8.4.2 is a minor upgrade without any security updates.