Since its launch, Pakistan’s largest cloud provider has focused on catering to the needs of the local enterprise. As part of their continuous effort towards powering the missions of leading organizations in the country, Rapid has developed unique cloud solutions that can cater to diverse market segments.

For this reason, Rapid has become the cloud of choice for banks and fintechs in Pakistan. Over the last few years, the company has thoroughly studied the strict guidelines set forth by the SBP, SECP, and regulating bodies, and in response has made its cloud ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27017:2015, ISO 27018:2019, and PCI-DSS 3.2.1 Certified, as well as being GDPR Compliant.

It is currently the only local cloud provider to do so. This has also helped Rapid in serving critical government institutions for whom information security and stability of services are absolutely critical.

Rapid is proud to host the largest segment of the financial sector since inception, and currently hosts a large portion of the burgeoning fintech space with a majority of the local and international fintechs on its platform.

Keeping in mind the specific needs of this segment in areas such as stringent information security controls, regulatory compliance, and high traffic infrastructure optimization, Rapid has set up a dedicated team to specifically cater to the unique requirements of this segment.

Shahzaib Khan, Commercial Head RapidCompute, said, “The fintech space in Pakistan has never been more exciting than it is right now. We are seeing investments into start-ups working in every realm of the financial ecosystem. Therefore, being the home for Fintechs in Pakistan, we want to assist them in the best way possible.”

This dedicated team will include leaders from all critical departments such as Information Security, Infrastructure Engineering, Regulatory Compliance, as well as Engineering Support to address critical queries of all fintech customers on a priority basis via a trained engineering team, dedicated specifically for them.

This will ensure the Fintech experience on the cloud to be much more seamless along with reducing the go-to-market time from a technology perspective.

Customers calling their UAN for any queries or complaints will be directed to a fintech-specific hotline to get swift support from trained engineers.

Added to this, a detailed repository of information and documents will also be created based on the most frequently asked queries by regulators and auditors from fintechs to make it easier and quicker for them to get regulatory approvals and clear audits.

Imtiaz Ahmed Khan, Chief Technical Officer, Rapid, commented, “Being the pioneer of Cloud Computing in Pakistan, Rapid fundamentally provides flexibility and agility. Our stack is developed in a modular approach which gives us an edge to integrate new products like Kubernetes, Dockers, Lambda, and technologies with our existing stack.”

Further, adding to this, he said, “Rapid is also platform agnostic, allowing customers to take advantage of customization. Organizations can select the best features that different cloud platforms offer, depending upon their requirements.”

Additionally, in the coming months, Rapid’s technology stack will be introducing newer features that will be designed specifically to help fintechs set up faster as well as scale faster in response to building customer needs.

Rapid is currently the largest public and private cloud provider in the country and recently celebrated a decade serving Pakistani enterprises. It has been Pakistan’s trailblazer in offering cloud computing, networking services, and management tools for digitizing all areas of businesses and industry.

Rapid continues to be one of the largest providers of cloud services to the government, financial sector, and large-scale enterprises. If you’re a fintech, you can get in touch with rapid at [email protected] or [email protected].