Online bookkeeping and business management software has become very popular among micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. In 2020, a brilliant mind of Pakistan, Mr. Adnan Aslam launched DigiKhata, a bookkeeping app for Pakistani small business owners, women entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, and the common Pakistani public.Today, more than one million Pakistani businesses are using it as it’s the easiest Pakistani business management app. Want to know what benefits these businesses are enjoying? Then keep reading.

DigiKhata app: Say goodbye to error-prone old bookkeeping methods

There can be mistakes in jotting down data manually as well as poor handwriting is likely to be misunderstood. Plus, physical calculations are prone to mistakes.

DigiKhata app can diminish the chances of such errors as it is designed to increase data accuracy. With a built-in calculator, this app makes it easy to calculate and make entries. It will also find out if you create a duplicate entry by mistake, thereby enhancing accuracy by manifolds.

Your Security is a Priority for DigiKhata

If you use a physical khata book to record all your credit and debit history of your shop, small business, or personal ledger, it’s very easy for someone to access your sensitive data and exploit it.

Plus, if you lose your on-paper records, you will also lose the trust of your customers, suppliers, and other related people. As everything has gone digital, why not manage your business and personal ledgers digitally too.

In this app, all your transaction history is stored safely in the cloud and automatically backs up. You can maintain it as you want.

De-Stress Yourself with DigiKhata

Many small business owners and regular people hate bookkeeping as it’s a mundane task. You need to check your khata book again and again to avoid human error. For those people, this bookkeeping software is a blessing as you can make accounts of your customers and suppliers in separate registers.

You can add contacts from your contact list and add their complete details, thereby streamlining the process.

DigiKhata Saves Your Family Life

Are you running your startup (or many startups)? Then, it means that you never really are off from work which destroys your family life. Equilibrium between your business and life is vital.

Luckily, this business management app can help you in this regard as it smooths the business management process, giving you time to relax and chill with your loved ones. Here are some tasks that it streamlines for you.

  • Fast monitoring of transactions
  • Secure your data through automatic backup and allow you to conveniently cancel changes
  • Manage as many businesses as you want from one central place
  • Secure your data by setting up a fingerprint lock or create a 4-digit pin

These simple but vital features will save a lot of your time. Though there is much complex accounting software available, their complex characteristics ask you to invest more time in learning rather than saving it.

Collect Money Three Times Faster with DigiKhata

In Pakistan, most people write all their lein dein (giving and taking money) in diaries. The problem is that we don’t roam around carrying our diaries but we carry our phones everywhere.

Through DigiKhata, you can easily send payment reminders through SMS or WhatsApp to relevant people. Those days are gone when you would have to remember who has to clear your dues and then constantly ping them.

Now, you can easily send people the complete details of the transaction and collect money three times faster. You can spend this saved time on growing your business.

DigiKhata Respects Language Differences

One of the useful features that set this app apart is that it lets the users opt from four languages i.e., English, Urdu, Roman Urdu, and Sindhi. This shows that the founders of the app respect Pakistan’s beautiful culture with many languages being spoken in the country.

DigiDokan: Another Success

After the huge success of DigiKhata, the founder introduced Digidokaan that lets you launch your online store in just 30 seconds. It was warmly welcomed by people and over 50,000 small businesses are running their digital stores successfully via this app.

End Note

DigiKhata is not just another business and personal ledger management app, rather it captures the essence of being a Pakistani. As a Pakistani, its features are more useful for the Pakistani public than complex platforms like Quickbooks and Freshbooks.

Its popularity in such a small time is a verdict in itself of its usefulness. So, Pakistanis what are you guys thinking?

Download DigiKhata today and bid farewell to your old spreadsheet software/ physical diaries and start managing your businesses and personal ledger digitally and smartly.

Happy Bookkeeping!