IT Technology workshop was organized by Huawei Pakistan for the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) during which Huawei regional experts presented various SDN solutions for Enterprise networks and how those are helping banks achieve digital transformation. The event was attended CIO NBP, Amin Manji, Head of Technology, M. Ali Khawaja, Divisional Head Technology infrastructure, Noman Muzaffar, Imran Taqi, and other NBP IT team members, along with representatives from Huawei Pakistan.

The goal of the workshop was to assess the performance of Huawei’s unique value propositions, of their solutions and technologies, affirmation of customer requirements, and working of intelligent SD-LAN, SD-WAN & SD-DCN solutions with a detailed explanation of each component of the solution and its applications in the financial sector. The interactive workshop was well received by CIO NBP and his team. Participants took
active interest in all sessions, sharing their challenges and had open discussions with the experts on how
these technologies can help NBP in its digital transformation journey.

Noman Muzaffar, Executive Vice President of NBP, stated regarding the event, “Huawei conducted an informative session that offered the opportunity for NBP to learn about the latest innovations in Software Defined Networking including SD-WAN, DCN, and next generation Autonomous Data Center.”

Banks have the ability to capture and store enormous tranches of customer data on a daily basis. The problem is, that with legacy methods such as data storage siloes, banks are severely limited in how they use and connect this data, if at all. Digital transformation can centralize the data capture, storage, and interpretation processes. It can also reduce the costs associated with these critical processes and generate far richer, more precise, faster data-led insights, which banks can use to drive performance.