As Facebook struggled with a massive outage for nearly 6 hours, hackers took the opportunity to leak the personal data of nearly 1.5 billion Facebook users. This database of personal data was up for sale on a dark web forum.

This was reported through screenshots on Twitter that showed an unknown dark web forum post selling the personal data of over 1.5 billion Facebook users. For those unaware, the dark web can only be reached by a special tool known as Tor and cannot be found by usual web search engines such as Google.

The dark web is commonplace for hackers to conduct illegal activities since it’s a lot easier to stay anonymous there.

Data of 1.5 Billion Facebook Users Put on Sale Amid Outage

The dark web post says that this massive database was scraped this year and also includes phone numbers as well as email addresses.

What’s worse is that even Facebook’s web domain was up for sale as well. This was shown in another screenshot taken from that clearly showed Facebook’s web domain up for sale.

Data of 1.5 Billion Facebook Users Put on Sale Amid Outage

However, the domain tools page is now back to normal as the domain is no longer up for sale.

In related news, Facebook has just recovered from a major outage that lasted about 6 hours and impacted more than 10 million people around the globe. This disruption brought down Facebook, Instagram as well as WhatsApp at the same time.