Facebook is investing $1 billion to incentivize creators to make content for Facebook and Instagram. This was announced yesterday by CEO Mark Zuckerberg who said that the company is making efforts to keep creators around and draw users to the platforms.

The social media giant is introducing Bonuses for content creators which will reward people for making good content. The company’s investment will be used to create bonus programs to pay eligible creators when they hit certain milestones. The investment will also be used to help creators produce their content.

Once the bonus program is introduced, creators will be able to see which bonuses they can earn within the Instagram app. It is currently available to those who sign up to place ads in their live streams.

Additionally, Stars bonuses will be offered to a select group of gamers once they hit specific milestones.

Facebook is Investing $1 Billion for Content Creators

The first round of Instagram bonuses will only work with invites. Creators will be incentivized to put IGTV Ads in their videos and will be rewarded for hitting milestones in Live Videos. Creators on Reels will also be rewarded for producing good content.

Bonuses are expected to arrive on Instagram and Facebook sometime during summer.