, a global leading B2B e-commerce marketplace, is
hosting an event in Lahore to discuss the new era of B2B e-commerce with existing and
potential exporters in the region. The attendees will get to know the significance of
digitisation as it proved to be the backbone of many businesses during the COVID-19
pandemic. According to Salesforce, the global e-commerce market grew by 11% in the
third quarter of 2021 alone.
The seller event, which is scheduled to take place offline at Lahore and will be
livestreamed concurrently on 20 July 2022, is organized in collaboration with the Lahore
Chamber of Commerce & Industries (LCCI) and the Small and Medium Enterprise
Development Association (SMEDA). It will cover topics including the potential of e-
commerce, how to start exporting using, what to expect from B2B e-
commerce, and tips and advice on achieving sustainable growth.
The event will feature a line-up of experts in the export and e-commerce fields, including
are Mr Song Song, Head of Pakistan; Mr Ethan Wang, Product Operation
of Pakistan; Mr Sheharyar Tahir, Head of External Relations of SMEDA;
Mr Mian Rehman Aziz, Senior Vice President of Lahore Chamber of Commerce, Mr Md
Ammar Khan, CEO of Raaziq Intl. Logistics; Mr Barrister Ahmed Uzair, an Export Law
specialist of AUC| Law and Muhammad Sajid Minhas, an exporter who has Ali Gold
Supplier member for more than 15 years.
According to ProPakistani, With the economy and export of Pakistan booming, the
national export, the trading amount is now reaching the peak value in the past 10 years.
Businesses that are equipped to navigate the e-commerce market will be better
positioned to benefit from the favorable trading environment.