Three major websites of the Sindh government went offline briefly on Monday after developing a technical fault at the back end, making them inaccessible for thousands of users seeking important information regarding the provincial government.

According to details, the official websites of the Sindh government, Chief Minister (CM) Sindh, and Information Science and Technology Department (ISTD) went down yesterday.

Speaking in this regard, Special Assistant to CM (SACM) on IT, Tanzila Umi Habiba, confirmed that these three websites went offline on Monday, adding that the websites became inaccessible due to an issue at the server-side and there was no issue detected on the provincial government’s end.

The back end of the official websites is managed by the National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC), the apex government agency responsible for providing IT support to all the departments of federal and provincial governments.

She added that NTC’s teams immediately got to work and rectified the fault within a couple of hours. The three websites of the provincial government are now back online and are working properly.

Earlier this month, some websites of the Sindh government had gone down as well. When asked whether this has become a recurring issue, the SACM denied the claim and said that the websites ran into errors briefly on both occasions.