DeafTawk, a digital services platform for learning sign language, has begun the application process for its upcoming online sign language course.

The online sign language program will last for eight weeks and is expected to offer four modules in Introduction to Sign Language, Foundation of Pakistan Sign Language, Sentences Approaches and Advanced Vocabulary, and Experimental Learning.

Boasting a community of over 1,100 certified language interpreters, DeafTawk will offer its services in six unique styles – American, British, Chinese, Pakistani, Singaporean, and Malay. It currently has over 19,500 users and has created more than 740 jobs.

Launched in 2018 as a localized startup in Pakistan, DeafTawk is now scaling its noteworthy operations in the US, Europe, and Singapore.

As the profile details, the company aims to bridge the gap between 466 million deaf people and their communities across the globe by offering them a real-time sign language solution at their fingertips.