CEO Bookme Faizan Aslam recently called on President Alvi where the two gentlemen had a substantive conversation regarding the complex nature of the e-commerce industry in Pakistan.

They also discussed their interests and priorities across a range of issues, the impact that startups are creating upon the tech sector of the country, and the importance of managing competition responsibly.

Faizan accentuated the powerful impact that Bookme, as a startup, has originated in the e-commerce industry of the country. From being a comprehensive e-commerce solution for ticket booking to raising a prodigious 7.5 million investment, Bookme has made a splash in the tech sector of the country.

The continuous determination of Bookme being the best solution for its customers was also communicated in the meeting. As Bookme aims to engulf more verticals and services under its umbrella, it will be offering a supreme amount of job opportunities for hundreds and thousands of people.

The two also discussed the existential nature of competition in the economy that can be covered by reducing imports and bringing foreign currency in the country, and how Bookme has contributed on that front.

By bringing millions of dollars of investment in the country to be used for the digitization of the travel sector, it would be beneficial to cover the gaps in the grey economy and eventually will create a huge impact, Faizan highlighted.

President congratulated and strongly aided the multilateral efforts of Bookme for great support towards the economy through the services of their business, and for upholding the commitments that the government made with the public.

Regarding this meeting, CEO of Bookme, Faizan Aslam quoted his thoughts, “I felt honored to meet the president and to share the emerging value that Bookme has anchored. I gratefully acknowledge the productive time that he shared with me.”

He added, “I found it really encouraging the way our government is showing interest in the developing startups of Pakistan and taking measures for the e-commerce and tech sector. This ecosystem is beneficial for entrepreneurs and it will eventually be helpful for Pakistan’s economic growth.”