Are you planning to shop from OLX Mall? Then how about getting free travel tickets along with your stuff!

OLX has revolutionized the shopping and buying experience across Pakistan. Among all the options, OLX’s main focus is to provide discounted deals. This is where Bookme and OLX have found mutual grounds to provide benefits to all the travellers around Pakistan.

Being the leading player in the Pakistani market, Bookme always seeks to provide affordable e-tickets with amazing discounts. And this time, the company has come up with yet another discount offer in collaboration with OLX.

This exclusive offer holds up to a 15% discount which includes 7.5% off on domestic flights, 5% off on international flights, and 15% off on bus tickets. The offer is valid for 2 months for all OLX Mall customers. Now you can make your trips more economical because saving money is not less than any enjoyment.

This discount offer is huge news for potential customers who are planning to travel and need an affordable solution for tickets booking. Now you don’t have to look for any other option because Bookme has got you covered.

All OLX customers will get free promo codes against their purchase on OLX Mall to get discounted tickets from Bookme App and Website for buses and both domestic and international flight booking.

To get this discount on your e-ticket, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the OLX website and navigate to OLX Mall
  • Select your desired products and add them to the cart
  • Go to checkout
  • After your purchase, you will get a promo code
  • Use that promo code on your ticket purchase through Bookme Website or Mobile Application

So, rush and avail this offer to make your trip even more exciting through Bookme website or mobile application.