With the biggest sale of the year just three weeks away, Pakistan’s leading e-Commerce platform, Daraz, expands its operational capacity to prepare for 11.11.

As online shopping continues to grow with businesses moving to brick-and-click models due to the pandemic, this year, consumers appear eager to return to the big holiday spending season.

To prepare for the biggest one-day sale in Pakistan, Daraz increases its operational capacity to more than 5,000 operations staff, 13,000 delivery riders, 8 fulfillment centers, and 80+ Daraz Express facilities nationwide to ensure a smooth flow of operations.

Ahmed Tanveer, Chief Operations Officer at Daraz Pakistan, said, “We have been working on streamlining and improving the delivery mechanism with the help of Alibaba’s tech support for this year’s 11.11. ”

“We have a dedicated planning team which is helping us optimize the delivery lead times to help us achieve 3X of regular day orders on the mega sale day. Our operations team will center on delivering flawless customer and seller experience,” he added.

He further stated, “Our key priority is to ensure strong logistics on sale day and our tailor-made e-Commerce logistics platform – DEX, is prepared to manage this effectively. We are ensuring that all the facilities are prepared to be used on 100% capacity during the sale and follow a standard protocol.”

In the past year, the number of packages received and delivered by Daraz has increased by more than 100% with the support of 7 third-party logistics partners including TCS, LCS, MOVEX, and Rider.

All partners have come together to build an automated and improved logistics network with the best sort centers, first and last-mile networks creating a robust logistics network.

Daraz has continued to improve its delivery and fulfillment service with a competitive strategy that grows stronger every year with efforts put in by regional and local teams together. The latest upgrades came just in time for the 11.11 – World’s Biggest One Day Sale, to bring customers around Pakistan shorter delivery timelines.

For better forecasting and to meet customer demand, the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, predictive algorithms, and big data analytics will empower Daraz sellers with demand forecast data.

This will also allow them to accurately pre-stock their goods in the right quantity and location which will then be supported by Daraz’s network in 600+ districts and cities supported by partners.

With the exciting sale approaching, Daraz’s team seems to be all geared up to fulfill an incoming volume of orders with preparations across the nation.