The price of a single MG HS CBU was increased to Rs. 5,749,000 after the automaker announced an Rs. 320,000 price hike due to unknown reasons at the time.

While this shows a huge price hike for an automaker that has begun local production of its SUVs in a Lahore-based vehicle assembling facility, a recent update from reliable sources has verified the main reason behind the decision. As usual, Pakistan Customs has a made a play of its own.

Pakistan Customs jacked up the custom unit value of a single MG HS, increasing the base price from $11,632 to $13,314, meaning for each car, MG Pakistan now has to make payments in excess of Rs. 320,000 for every HS SUV it imports.

This actually shows that contrary to emerging rumors about “MG pocketing more cash for less”, the automaker is simply paying the extra cash to Pakistan Customs and will not recoup even a single portion of it for any gains of its own.

What’s new in the car worth an extra Rs. 300,000? For starters, there’s reportedly a new and upgraded fully digital LCD meter which will be sported by all MG HS cars that have been booked after the price hike. MG Pakistan has yet to confirm this, so stay tuned for more updates.