According to a recent update of the Automark Magazine shared by Hanif Memon, a consignment of 1,100 MG HS SUVs arrived at the Karachi port yesterday.

This is a rather important development because these vehicles could potentially be the last of the CBU versions for the Pakistani market because of the very first locally-assembled MG HS SUV that rolled off the Lahore-based assembly line recently.

However, it might take time for the latest inventory of imported HS SUVs to be cleared by the customs office, which means that the customers will still have to wait a bit longer.

However, owing to the development of the local assembly plant, the long waiting periods for the deliveries, and the issues in the vehicle trade are not likely to be an issue for the automaker.

The price of the MG HS CBU has been increased from Rs. 5,485,000 to Rs. 5,749,000. This increase was reportedly only intended for the CBUs, but despite the development of the first CKD vehicle, MG has not said anything about its price.

It is being reported that the price hike has been caused by the increase in the rate of the customs value by Pakistan Customs from $11,632 per unit to $13,314. In return for the added money, the customers will reportedly get a fully digital gauge cluster in their MG HS as the standard.

It is unknown as to when the locally-assembled MG HS vehicles will enter the market, and it is being speculated that the local plant will hit its stride by the 3rd or 4th quarter of the 2021 calendar year.