Germany is a name that gets brought up most often in discussions about the most premier and advanced automotive markets in the world, due to its amazing strides in the arena.

As per recent news, the Germans have reached another milestone by passing legislation in one of their lower houses, that allows for driverless vehicles on the roads in 2022.

This is a step in the new direction for German automakers as the legislation will allow them to scale up their resources and efforts to produce more effective self-driving technology.

The legislation focuses mainly on supporting commercial operations, which implies that the companies involved in autonomous commercial car-hailing and logistics services are sure to have their sights set on the development as well.

While the legislation has only been passed in Bundestag — Germany’s Lower House of Parliament, it will reportedly become a countrywide law once it is passed in the Upper House.

For now, the national law requires even the most advanced autonomous vehicle to have a safety diver in it, but this will not be a binding factor once the new law is passed.

However, the automakers have reportedly shown support for the new law, and have ensured that they will pursue the modernization of self-driving technology.

The report also adds that it is highly likely that the German government will pass the legislation in the Upper House as well for it to become a law of the land, and that this will be the first step in a major paradigm shift for the entire global automotive industry.