It has been revealed in a recent promising development that the first-ever locally-assembled MG HS SUV has just rolled off the local assembly line in Lahore, as announced by Javed Afridi on Twitter. His tweet also had images of the major development being brought to fruition.

First Pakistan-Assembled MG HS Rolls Off the Assembly Line

This implies that MG can finally rid itself of the delivery delays, product shortfalls, import value controversies, and other challenges that had recently plagued it. The development could also indicate the potential addition of more vehicles in MG’s local product lineup.

As was revealed last week, MG’s first goal — after the ramping up of the production of the HS to meet the demands of its customers who have been waiting anxiously for their vehicles — will be to begin work on the local assembly of the MG ZS EV.

Javed Afridi specified in his talks with the international media that the production facilities will be equipped with tools, machinery, and manpower to locally assemble reasonably priced EVs for the Pakistani market. He also highlighted the company’s plans to assemble vehicles for export to the international markets that need right-handed EVs.

Afridi added that the company will add three more vehicles to the local lineup, along with an affordable family car to cater to the needs of a mid-tier car buyer market of Pakistan.

With the first plant active and operational, the wheels seem to be turning in the right direction for MG to incorporate more value to the brand by means of prompt services and a competent product lineup in Pakistan.