In the world of fast-developing technology, the automotive industry is also scrambling to keep up by means of forming alliances with various tech giants around the globe.

Stellantis group has formed an alliance with Foxconn to jointly develop a mobile drive that will aid the conception of modern infotainment, telematics, cloud service platform development, and in-vehicle connectivity technology.

The two companies plan to combine their respective expertise in automotive and IT to offer modern utility solutions in the next generation of vehicles around the world.

Commenting on the prospect of the partnership between the two entities, Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis made the following statement:

Today, there’s something that matters just as much as beautiful design or innovative technology, it’s how the features inside our vehicles improve the lives of our customers. Software is a strategic move for our industry and Stellantis intends to lead with Mobile Drive, a company that will enable the swift development of connectivity features and services that mark the next great evolution of our industry, just as electrification technology has.

Chairman of Foxconn, Young Liu, also made a statement on the development, claiming that the partnership will lead the way into the development of a new generation of in-vehicle connectivity and software solutions. He added that the new vehicle technology will offer an all-encompassing technology and connectivity solution to car buyers.

“Mobile Drive will meet and exceed these expectations with teams of designers and software and hardware engineers. This is a natural extension of Foxconn’s global leadership in the development and application of smart technologies to improve the quality of life of consumers around the world,” Young added.

Foxconn is one of the main vendors for Apple as well as several other top-tier tech giants and boasts an amazing portfolio in the tech sector, while Stellantis is arguably one of the most prolific automotive groups in the world. Both companies show a lot of promise to develop next-generation tech for the car industry.