The Chinese innovator and manufacturer, RNL Technologies, has expressed its intention to set up Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers across Pakistan.

According to Owais Mir, the CEO of Dynamic Engineering and Automation (DEA), the Chinese company is currently working on a few proposals to begin the EV project as soon as possible.

He explained in a statement that:

RNL is willing to help DEA in every way possible to establish and grow this sector in a sustainable manner in Pakistan. DEA has already had a vast experience in fulfilling the energy demand of the country by its LPG Air mix and LNG solutions and now DEA wants to do the same for the EV sector based on our previous knowledge and experience.

He further claimed that since the news about the enforcement of an EV charging system, the demand for electric vehicles has increased even more. Consequently, other acclaimed EV companies are also keen on entering the Pakistani market.

In China, RNL Technologies offers numerous incentives for electric vehicles as a cumulative substitute for petrol, diesel, and liquified natural gas (LNG). In this regard, its potential venture to install EV chargers in Pakistan could essentially aid the Pakistani government in allocating funds pertaining to the automotive industry to wider and more aggressive venues that lack sustainability.