Changan has formed another sub-brand for its electric vehicles (EVs) called Shenlan and has revealed its first car that will compete with Tesla Model 3. The car in question is Shenlan C385.

Upon its reveal, Changan said that Shenlan C835 will feature three different powertrains:

  • A battery-electric powertrain
  • A battery-electric powertrain with a range extender
  • A Hydrogen Fuel Cell powertrain


Changan Reveals Its Hi-Tech Tesla Model 3 Competitor


The all-electric C385 will have a range of 700 kilometers (km). It will feature a single-electric motor that will make 258 horsepower (hp). Placed atop the rear axle, the motor will send all that power to the rear wheels only.

The range extender version will also have an internal-combustion engine (ICE) that will only act as a battery recharger. The range extender variant will have a 1,200 km range.

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell version will have the same range and horsepower as the EV version but will have the advantage of quick hydrogen fuel fill-up compared to EV’s recharge time.

Changan’s new EV has a slick design that allows for a drag coefficient of just 0.230. For reference, Lucid Air has a best-in-class drag coefficient of 0.200. For Shanlen C385 to not be far off is a huge achievement.

Tech and Other Features

Changan Reveals Its Hi-Tech Tesla Model 3 Competitor

Not much is known about the exact features in C385, but Changan has revealed that it will have:

  • 27 different sensors and level-4 autonomous driving support
  • A SA8155P Automotive Development Platformcomputer chip from Qualcomm for computers that power the autonomous driving systems

Being a direct competitor to Tesla Model 3 with high-tech features, Shenlan C385 will likely be an expensive vehicle with a price tag starting from $30,000 (Rs. 5.6 million). However, for developed car markets such as China, it will be a great value and likely among the top-selling EVs.