All heroes don’t wear capes. Many spend their life fighting battles every day that we know nothing about, but would definitely be awe-inspired if we got to hear their side of the story.

Celebrating their brave and inspirational team, Careem decided to let us in on the motivating stories of some of their heroic captains. Despite many hardships, these Careem captains have driven positive change by challenging the norms and steering their lives to achieve their dreams.

Captain Rukhsana Shoaib

Being a bold woman who took the reins in her own hands when it came to her son’s education, Rukhsana decided to work as a Careem Captain two years ago and has been breaking stereotypes ever since.

The Inspiring Tales of Careem Captains

Not only is she a master driver but also a competent physiotherapist and an amazing chef. After acquiring her diploma in Information Technology from PNEC, Rukhsana started working as a physiotherapist. Every day, she sees her patients for the better half of the day before working as a Careem captain later in the evening and completes orders for her food business.

Being a single parent, Rukhsana is the sole bread earner of the family and is working day and night to earn her son the best education.

Captain Asma Shakeel

When her husband’s health started to deteriorate, Asma decided to get behind the wheel to stabilize her whole family’s financial life. She enrolled herself in a Montessori diploma and started a job as a teacher. Unfortunately, life took a sorrowful turn when her husband passed away in 2013 and her burdens were increased.

The Inspiring Tales of Careem Captains

Being a single mother of three children, she had to manage the finances and look after her children while being in mourning. Asma bravely juggled her work and family life before finally quitting her teaching job and opting to work as a Careem captain.

Not only did this new job solve many of her problems but also helped her manage her time more effectively while being there for her children. When things started to work out, eventually Asma picked up a few other jobs to help improve her finances as well. She now works as an efficient Careem captain, gives tuitions to children, stitches clothes, and also delivers food from her home.

Captain Nabeel Arshad

For this shining star of Careem, physical limitations were never a barrier in his dreams. Being affected by polio, Nabeel walks with assistance but this hasn’t made him dependent on anyone. Initially, he found it hard for a person like him to find a proper source of income but he knew it in his heart that these limitations were only in his head.

The Inspiring Tales of Careem Captains

As the loving father of two sons, Nabeel decided not to let his illness take the best of him. He started working as a Careem bike captain and soon started providing for his family with his hard work and his resilience.

The inspiring story of Nabeel’s struggle shows that the only true disability a man has is his wrong mindset. By turning the odds in his favor, Nabeel now enjoys a blissful and stable life with his family, with pride and honor.

Captain Pervez Iqbal

We often underestimate the importance of Careem captains in our life but Captain Pervez Iqbal is nothing less of a hero. His ability to take his duty as a Careem driver seriously and making it his life’s mission to be there to rescue others in times of need is what sets him apart.

The Inspiring Tales of Careem Captains

As a Captain who has been driving Careem for the last four years, Pervez has many interesting tales to tell. Recalling his two most memorable trips, Pervez narrates how he rescued one of his passengers during the flood days in Karachi and made sure that he completed his ride despite the damage that his car faced.

In another account, Pervez recalls how he accepted a ride to a shady part of the town where many hesitate to go, only to save a 14-year-old little girl who needed to be transported immediately to the hospital during the dead of the night. Captain Pervez Iqbal has indeed set an exemplary example for others to follow during his tenure as a Careem Captain and is a life-saver.

Captain Behroze Sharif

Following the example of good captains like Mr. Pervez, Captain Behroze Sharif is another guardian angel in disguise whose integrity and honesty are what matters to him the most.

The Inspiring Tales of Careem Captains

He has been working as a Careem captain for the last three years and his foremost priority is to make his customers feel comfortable and safe. When once his customer left an expensive mobile phone in his car by accident, Behroze returned it to him safe and sound with all honesty.

Not only did he make sure that the customer got his phone back, but he also refused to receive any cash prize that the customer offered him in exchange for his good deed. People like Captain Behroze not only make one proud but also encourage others to have integrity and be respectful in their dealings.

Captain Aziz Ullah Khan

As a hardworking Careem bike captain, Captain Aziz Ullah Khan holds the honor of being a successful captain for completing more than 5,000 trips in two years! He has managed to maintain an outstanding rating of 4.9 out of 5 and is an excellent driver

The Inspiring Tales of Careem Captains

It is people like these inspiring Careem Captains whose tales go untold but touch the lives of many that they meet. We are super proud of all these brave and aspiring captains who fight against all odds to fulfill their dreams and the dreams of those who depend upon them for survival.