At its ongoing Google I/O developer’s conference, Google announced a slew of upgrades and new tech including a new AI language, its partnership with Samsung, and revamped Google Maps.

Amidst all this, it also announced that Android has reached its 3 billion units’ milestone. This means, currently, there are 3 billion active devices that are using Android. The estimates were obtained via Google Play Store records which means it could even be higher than the current estimates considering that there are millions of Android devices not preinstalled with Google Play Store. These devices include Huawei smartphones, Amazon Fire devices, etc.

Android Users Have Crossed 3 Billion

Around 500 million Android users were added since the 2019 Google I/O Developers Conference, while as compared to 2017, 1 billion active users have been added.

Reaching 3 billion active units is a big deal since it increases the prevalence and growth of Android applications globally. The numbers far eclipsed that of active iOS devices, which Apple put at just above a billion.

Experts believe that these numbers will continue to increase in years to come as Google continues to reinvent the wheel of the Android ecosystem. This seems logical considering the cool new UI redesign that Google announced for Android 12.