iPhones have been limited to a low-megapixel camera for ages. The highest resolution you get is only 12MP and that is the case with the latest and greatest iPhone 13 Pro Max as well.

But this trend may change with next year’s iPhone 14 if the latest report from popular analyst Ming Chi Kuo is true. Kuo has typically been accurate with his leaks in the past and he now claims that iPhone’s camera tech will upgrade over the next two years.

Apple iPhone 14 is Getting The Biggest Camera Upgrade in Years


This means that not just the iPhone 14, but the iPhone 15 in 2023 will get something new as well. The iPhone 14 is tipped to get a 48MP camera for the first time ever with 8K video recording. This 48MP camera will be able to capture 48MP and 12MP photos through pixel binning.

The camera’s high-quality videos will be suitable for an Apple AR/VR device that is rumoured to launch next year.

The analyst claims that this camera will be supplied by Largan Precision, which is a Taiwanese camera maker and also the industry’s biggest supplier. It makes for about 30% of the market share around the globe.

As for 2023, the iPhone 15 is rumored to get a periscope zoom lens, which will finally let it catch up to flagship Androids that have been doing it for years.