Luxury brand Caviar is back at it again with astonishing designs for modern smartphones. This time, they have made the iPhone 13 bulletproof with BR-2 class 2 armor made by NPO TCIT, a company that specializes in armored vehicles.

Caviar’s new Stealth 2.0 iPhone 13 series is strong enough to stop a pistol bullet and remain usable. There are two versions of Stealth 2.0, Black and Titanium. The Black version is plain black from both sides and has all its cameras removed for those who work in special-access areas and classified facilities.

This Luxury iPhone 13 Can Stop Bullets This Luxury iPhone 13 Can Stop Bullets


The Titanium version, as the name says, is made out of high-impact titanium with a laser engraved khaki pattern. This one has all four cameras intact so you can enjoy the phone’s bleeding-edge imaging capabilities.

The metal sides of both these phones say “Limited edition. Only 99 phones available”.

The video below demonstrates the Stealth 2.0 iPhone 13 Pro stopping a bullet. Keep in mind that the phone can only withstand two bullets and the second one will render it unusable.

The website is offering the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max with up to 1TB storage options. The most “affordable” version starts at $6,370 while the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max will go for $7980.

After all, why wouldn’t you want to spend $8000 on an iPhone with no cameras?