Apple is undoubtedly experimenting with different designs for foldable phones. We have seen leaks talking about a book-like foldable as well as a clamshell foldable phone from Apple, but now we have evidence of another design.

A newly surfaced Apple patent shows that the company may have a split-screen foldable in the works, similar to the Microsoft Surface Duo. Instead of a single screen that folds in half, the phone will have two different screens joined together by a hinge.

Apple Patents a Foldable Phone Similar to Surface Duo

The patent describes that despite having split screens, the display will extend across both displays once the device is open. But the speakers in different locations may be used to play separate audio channels of an audio track. All the other hardware may be used in cooperation with each other such as the camera setup and the variety of sensors onboard.

Check out the patent schematics below.

Apple Patents a Foldable Phone Similar to Surface Duo

The patent does not talk about the type of hinge it will use, but it will most likely be something similar to the Surface Duo. Magnets will be used to snap the device close and also use it in different orientations. The phone can easily be used in multiple folding angles like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

This Apple foldable may also be able to function as a notebook with a virtual keyboard.

As always, since it is only a design patent, there is no guarantee that it will become a retail device, so take this information with a grain of salt.