We’re used to seeing Apple patents demonstrating new technology that the company has been testing in its gadgets, but this one is a little unusual. Apple was given a patent for a car sunroof by the US Patent and Trademark Office this week.

Reports on the internet suggested that Apple is working on a futuristic electric vehicle (EV) and it might partner up with a renowned automaker for its innovative EV idea. Now, with the recent sunroof patent news, it seems like things are getting clear now.

New Patent Reveals Apple is Developing a Futuristic Sunroof Design for its First Car

The Apple-patented sunroof consists of variable opacity glass, which allows the driver to customize the opacity of the sunroof. The patent also demonstrates that the sunroof opens in tandem with the side windows, unlike existing automobiles with similar technologies that feature a fixed sunroof.

Apple’s vehicle with an adjustable translucence area defined on the window is another aspect of the disclosed configurations. The variable translucence area can be adjusted to allow a specific amount of light to pass through the window. A moving panel assembly can be moved between closed and open positions.

This means that drivers of the anticipated ‘Apple Car’ will have the option of letting sunlight into the car without having to open the sunroof, or opening it entirely to get some fresh air. It’s not that difficult to picture Apple Car’s sunroof tweaks being accessible via CarPlay or Siri voice commands.

For now, the most crucial aspect of this patent is that it confirms all of the suspicions suggesting Apple is working on its own vehicle.

According to recent reports, Apple is still developing and testing a new self-driving vehicle system, as well as discussing production plans with other companies. Even if all of the reports are true, the Apple Car will not be released for another 3 to 4 years, especially because the company has been continuously losing its engineers working on the project.

Via 9to5mac