When it comes to emerging OEMs, Realme is almost always on top of the list. Oppo’s subsidiary recently held the 7th position in the list of global shipments and was also termed as the fastest growing smartphone brand.

Due to the fast-paced growth of the BBK-owned Company, officials believe that it will soon start operating independently from Oppo. Chung Hsiang-Wei, Chief Commercial Officer, Realme Taiwan said:

The brand is expected to develop its own ecosystem in the future, complete with production lines if the business continues to grow at the current pace.

Currently, Realme’s operations are collaborated with Oppo, even though it has a separate R&D as well as a separate marketing division.

From the start, Oppo has been aiming to launch a premium range of smartphones and its latest Reno series is an example of that. Realme, on the other hand, aims at launching smartphones that are budget-friendly and are more focused on generation Z. Hence, even if the Company starts operating independently, it will not compete directly with its older sibling.

Moreover, Realme has also decided to expand its product line by jumping into the smart wearables market. On top of that, it is all set to launch its wireless headphones in December. Hence, from the looks of it, if Realme gets independence, it will do just fine.