Have you ever wanted a smartphone that is an extension of your personality? One that represents who you are? One you could flaunt as a design accessory? All your dreams are coming true with the new Y53s. As part of the well-known youth-oriented Y series, the Y53s is a great combination of utter simplicity and sophistication.

All the elements in the smartphone are presented clearly to deliver a convenient and intuitive experience. vivo introduced the Y53s with a stylish appearance to complement the vibrant lifestyle of every user and arrives in two color variants: Fantastic Rainbow and Deep Sea blue.

It has an eye-catching transition effect whenever the light hits it. Designed specifically for the vibrant, fashion-savvy audience, the all-new Y53s comes with top-notch performance and excellent features that allow users to unleash their creativity without breaking the bank.

Y53s is the perfect amalgamation of style and innovation. Here is everything you need to know about the Vivo Y53s and what makes it the perfect playmate for you to take on the go:

Powrful Camera Setup

Y53s is powered with a triangular camera set up of 64MP Rear Camera*, 2MP Rear Macro Camera, and a 2MP Portrait Bokeh Camera with Eye Autofocus that gives users more choices suited to the subject they’re photographing. The rear camera module does not take too much space, and the overall exterior looks neat and classy.

Overall, the smartphone has a sleek 3D design and comprises 8.38mm thickness with rounded edges for a comfortable hold.

Y53s with Its Sleek Design is Here to Boost Your Look from Day to Night ​

Side Fingerprint Scanner

The side fingerprint scanner enhances the integrity of the overall appearance, providing a clean and elegant exterior that elevates the whole design aesthetic of the Y53s.

Dual Color Lens Design

Another great feature is the camera layout + dual-color lens design. The camera adopts the triangular arrangement and dual-color design elements, greatly enhancing consumers’ perceived value. Not just the camera, the overall sleek design houses a gigantic battery of 5000mAh and an immersive display, all wrapped up in a stunner design.

Mood Lifting Colors

Y53s comes in amazing ‘mood lifting’ colors – Deep Sea Blue and Fantastic Rainbow. The former signifies a new kind of blue, between black and blue, with the tranquillity of the deep ocean that will put your mind at ease while the latter uses the new crystal coating process, presenting a kaleidoscope of colors as light is refracted, making it look like the phone of your dreams.

Y53s with Its Sleek Design is Here to Boost Your Look from Day to Night ​

Massive Onboard Storage

In other features, Y53s comes with a massive 8GB RAM and an extended 4GB^ that allows users to use multiple apps simultaneously without any lag or stutters. Not only this! With the onboard 128GB ROM + 1TB Memory Expansion, users can download and store as many apps and games as they want!

The Perfect Playmate

As a young brand, vivo strongly believes in the fusion of premium style, design, camera, and tech to maintain its competitive edge. Its dynamic Y series has been envisioned to further this approach. With outstanding cameras, power-packed performance, and a uniquely stellar design, it is the perfect playmate for all your adventures!

The Y53s will keep your style quotient intact and will notch up your fashion statement everywhere you go. If you have a passion for fashion, this device is too good to pass up on. Seriously, get yours today!

*Disclaimer: The main camera’s GW3 image sensor boasts 64 million physical pixel points and outputs 4-in-1 16MP by default, with an option to output 64MP.

^Disclaimer: 4GB Extended RAM is realized by software