Recently, the Korean media reported that Samsung was all set to show off a concept smartphone with a sliding display in a private booth at the CES. It turns out, Samsung actually had plans of showing off a device with a sliding display but instead of a smartphone, it was a prototype 13.3-inch notebook.

The company had booked a private booth at CES and showcased the prototype to a few officials who were formally invited by the company. Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed so, whatever we know is based on the claims of people who were invited to the booth.

According to the viewers, the notebook features a 13.3-inch display but the sliding display makes it twice as big when unfolded. Although we don’t know the specifics, a few months back, we saw a Samsung patent that lines up with the showcased technology.

The people who were officially invited into the booth were quite positive regarding the device. According to them, it was a pleasant change to the standard laptop form factor. This was the first time Samsung demoed a product so secretively, probably due to the fear of copycats.

We don’t know how this new technology will pan out, but it looks like the product will go official sooner than later since it seems like a final product already. However, we cannot say anything until Samsung makes an official statement. Stay tuned for more updates.