Over the past few years, slowly and gradually, Xiaomi has been expanding its portfolio to the smart products and IoT market. The latest addition to the Chinese Giant’s product portfolio is a smart electric bed that is loaded with features. The smart bed is dubbed as the 8HMilan Smart Electric bed and has been manufactured by Xiaomi’s ecological Chai enterprise the Chengdu Fun Sleep Technology Co. Ltd.

Design and Construction

Similar to all Xiaomi eco-products, the 8HMilan Smart Electric bed also features a minimalistic and classy design. It is constructed using steel and high-strength glass fiber frame that boasts a very high tensile strength and fatigue resistance.

The frame has a total of 5 partitions designed to be in-line with the human’s body weight. Hence, the bed has a total weight endurance of 1000 kgs and a single frame can support up to 75 kgs of weight. According to Xiaomi, the structure is designed to last for 10 years.

Xiaomi Launches a Smart Electric Bed With Several Features

The fabric used is unique and environmentally friendly and has a texture similar to luster leather. The company has advertised it as ‘stronger than leather’ and has claimed that the material has undergone and withstood 20,000 friction tests. On top of all this, it is scratch and tear-resistant.


Internally, the 8HMilan Smart Electric bed is equipped with a dual-motor mechanism. Thanks to this motor, users can easily control the upper and lower part of the bed independently.

The back of the bed has a capacity to rise up to 60 degrees while the leg area can rise up to 30 degrees. The bed comes with some pre-loaded modes namely: anti-snore mode, reading mode, TV mode, zero-gravity mode.

For controls, the bed is equipped with a button as well as voice controls and can connect to 8th generation Litchi technology for added controls.

Pricing and availability

The smart bed will start crowdfunding by 3rd December at a ~$285 price tag. However, the retail price will be higher.