Oppo is working on launching its first smartwatch and truly wireless headphones. The BBK-owned company has been sharing images of the smartwatch since Inno day, Oppo’s annual global technology event, held in December.

Previously, Oppo’s vice president Brian Shen shared an image of the upcoming smartwatch showing its form factor and two buttons on the side. One of the buttons will most likely be used to control the clock and in all likelihood, one of the buttons should be equipped with an LED event indicator.

Oppo is Making an Apple Watch Lookalike [Leak]

In the image, it looks much like the latest Apple watch. Although, it does not have a wheel-like Apple Watch, which has a crown and one button.

Brian Shen, in a recent tweet, uploaded the second teaser image of the smartwatch boasting its 3D curved glass design. According to him, this 3D curved glass will be a game-changer in the world of smartwatches.

Oppo is Making an Apple Watch Lookalike [Leak]

Brian Shen


Here’s another look at the forthcoming OPPO Watch. 👀 The curved screen and 3D glass will be a game changer. 🤓

Oppo is Making an Apple Watch Lookalike [Leak]

The image shows more pronounced curves on the left and right edges of the display and less pronounced curves on top and bottom.

Based on the images uploaded by the company’s VP, the watch will at least be launched in rose gold and black colors.

As far as the release date of the smartwatch is concerned, the company will announce it by the end of February. The price should ideally start at $300.