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LG Unveils Self Cleaning Wireless Earbuds With Fast Charging

LG has unveiled Tone Free TWS earbuds that come with the unique ability to clean themselves. It packs the world’s first-ever self-cleaning charging case that uses LG’s UVnano technology to kill bacteria when the...

Xiaomi Launches a Unique Smart Mouse With Voice Commands

Earlier this week, the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi unveiled its latest wireless mouse, dubbed the Xiaomi XiaoAI Mouse on its crowdfunding platform Youpin. The computer peripheral was a huge hit in Xiaomi’s home country China....

Xiaomi Unveils NX1 Learning Tablet for Online Classes

NextClass.ai, a Xiaomi subsidiary, has launched the NX1 tablet under the company’s Youpin crowdfunding platform. Like all the tablets from the subsidiary, the NX1 is also focused on education for kids between 3 to...

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Launched With Large AMOLED Display & Magnetic Dock

Xiaomi’s highly acclaimed Mi Band series of affordable fitness bands have received another update. The latest Mi Band 5 brings several upgrades over last generation’s model, such as a bigger AMOLED display, a magnetic...

Apple to Announce In-House MacBook Processors in a Few Weeks

Apple is preparing to shift away from Intel processors to its in-house ARM-based processors for Mac computers. According to insiders familiar with the matter, this announcement is planned for Apple’s next annual developer conference. Rumors...

This is the World’s Smallest Portable Printer

Selpic, a digital printing solution, has developed several innovative quick-drying handy printer technologies over the past few years. The company has gained a lot of traction for its handheld printers, that, unlike many, provide...

These Glasses Can Reset Your Body’s Internal Clock

When we think about light-therapy, the first thing that comes to mind is sitting idly in front of a lightbox and staring into it. Where light therapy has a plethora of benefits, including helping...

Samsung’s New App Helps Make Hand Washing a Habit

In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, Samsung has launched an app that will remind the wearers to wash their hands. The app is designed for a range of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch smartwatches and it...

Xiaomi Launches a Cheap All-in-One Wireless Portable Printer

Xiaomi’s latest arrival to its long list of appliances and gadgets is a handy all-in-one printer that starts at only $70. The new Mi Inkjet all-in-one wireless printer features Xiaomi’s traditional minimalistic design and comes...

Xiaomi Launches Bezel-Less Smart TV for Only $155

According to the company’s latest performance report for Q1 2020, Xiaomi ranks in the top 4 smart TV brands globally and the first in China. One of the main reasons for this is the...