Samsung has been working on making its User Experience (UX) elements more accessible over the years. The real innovation started with Samsung One UI, which contributed a 16.8% NPS (Net Promoter Score) improvement.

The Company has committed to ensuring that its devices will be more accessible to all users, including the ones with disabilities and impairments.

The Korean Giant, at the Samsung Developer Conference 2019, unveiled it’s One UI 2.0 which comes with an array of new functions including audiovisual functions to make the UI more user-friendly.

Samsung’s New UI for Phones is Better Looking and Faster Than Ever

Improved Visibility

Samsung has improved the overall contrast of the interface and has added features that allow users to adjust screen colors, including the hues, to enhance visibility. The new UI features a high contrast keyboard as well which comes with well-defined keys and improved color combinations.

The dark mode has been revived and it comes with more user experience elements as well as added first-party application. The clutter has been reduced by reducing the size of pop-up notifications and the volume HUD.

To give people with low vision a helping hand, Bixby now comes with a dictation function. This can help them send messages by saying them out loud or make voice notes as well in the Samsung Notes application.

Individuals with visual impairments or low vision find it difficult to sense lights. Thanks to One UI 2, Galaxy Devices now come with a unique Light Sensing feature. This feature detects the status of lights in the environment and informs the user using vibrations.

One Hand Usability

Another accessibility feature that is being improved in One UI 2 is one-hand control. All the first-party apps come with an interaction area at the bottom of the display. This includes the gallery, call log, messaging app, etc. All the main functions now occupy the bottom half of the display while the majority of the top talk remains empty.


One UI 2 now comes with an improved phone conversation function. It has an in-built live transcribe feature that automatically puts spoken words into text.

The digital wellbeing feature baked into Android 10 also comes with a new time management screen and a focus mode. Moreover, the Galaxy phones now come with Screen off memo and added S-Pen features.

Talking about the new UI, Eui-Suk Chung, Executive Vice President at the Company said:

When developing One UI 2, we considered accessibility to be the most important element in the development process. This is our philosophy regarding accessibility here at Samsung. If we take care to implement accessibility into our products thoroughly, many more people will be able to use our products and services comfortably. Better accessibility will improve the user experience not only for those with impairments but also for the youngest and eldest members of our society. It can also benefit users in general when they are driving, cooking, or simply want more comfort.

Featured Image via XDA-Developers