When we think about light-therapy, the first thing that comes to mind is sitting idly in front of a lightbox and staring into it. Where light therapy has a plethora of benefits, including helping patients with circadian rhythm sleep disorders, many people are intimidated by the fact that they have to sit in front of a light source for hours to see any meaningful results.

To solve the issue, Ayo, a group of companies, has come up with portable and smart light therapy glasses that can help reset your internal clock. As a result, the glasses can help users cure jet lag, reset your sleep schedule, and improve the overall metabolizm of their body, perfect for night owls.

The Ayo glasses emit a blue-turquoise light that has an effect similar to sunlight. According to the makers of these glasses:

The wearable’s light gently enters your eyes, just like sunlight and triggers retinal ganglion cells that send signals to your brain.

The human body has a master clock that is basically two sets of clusters of 10,000 neurons called the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN). The SCN is responsible for keeping daily rhythms like food digestion, eating/sleeping cycles, and hormone production in check. As soon as the morning light enters your eyes, the SCN receives a signal to stop producing Melatonin (a hormone that induces sleep). However, when we travel across time zones, the body’s master clock is thrown out of sync with the environmental clock, resulting in jet lag, digestion issues, and a disrupted sleep cycle.

Ayo glasses, along with their smartphone application, can help reset the body’s master clock with the environmental clock. Using the application, users will be allowed to change reset their daily rhythms like the sleep cycle and optimize their energy levels.

Currently, the device is in the testing phase. It is being funded on Indiegogo, where the maker sought $50,000 in funding and has thus far raised about $63,000 with 32 days remaining. The planned retail price is $299, but the campaign is offering the Ayo headset at $169 to people who are backing up the campaign.