Google Chrome’s share in the browser market reached a record high in May which is a milestone the browser achieved three years ago. The report published by Net Applications also revealed that Microsoft Edge is starting to gain ground as well.

The search engine giant’s popular internet browser, Chrome, recorded highs for 5 months straight and landed another one this month with a whopping 69.8% market share. This amount of market share was achieved by Microsoft’s then signature browser, the Internet Explorer, which held 70% back in 2008.

If Chrome breaks the 70% mark, it will be the third browser to do so after Microsoft IE and Netscape Navigator, an ancestor of Mozilla Firefox. The publisher claims that Google will continue to dominate the market until a new player appears and disrupts its presence, which, according to Net Applications is going to be Edge Chromium, the Chrome clone.

As most of you may already know, the Microsoft Edge browser has recently received a revamp to become Edge Chromium, which is a Chrome engine based browser with similar features and looks. It has since started to gain more attention and market share and is expected to hit 15% in 2021.

As for Mozilla Firefox, its growth remained flat with a market share of 7.2% as of May 2020 and is expected to slip below 7% in July and slump to 5.9% by the end of the year.