Xiaomi’s R&D department is known for filling an extensive number of patents every year. The most recent patent, unlike many Xiaomi patents, is not very peculiar and is for a smartphone with dual displays.

The patent sketch shows a smartphone with the main display and a tiny secondary display on the back. The catch is, this display is nothing like what we saw with the Vivo NEX Dual Display and Meizu Pro 7 Plus. It is as small as iPhone 11’s rectangular camera cutout.

Xiaomi Working on a Phone With a Secondary Display

The sketches show that the smartphone will feature extremely thin bezels with enough space on the forehead bezel to house a speaker, a proximity sensor, and a notification sensor. There is no front camera which hints that Xiaomi might be planning to use the quad-sensor rear camera as the selfie camera. Even though we have seen this happen in other smartphones, it will be pretty weird since the tiny display does not provide enough surface area to serve as a proper viewfinder.

Apart from being used for selfies, the secondary display will most probably be used to show caller ID and notification alerts when the smartphone is placed face-down. It might even display mini controls for music playback.

Unfortunately, we have no more information regarding the patent but considering the design, it may be an interesting device if it ever sees the light of day.