Xiaomi may have another experimental phone in the works that combine the Mi Mix Alpha’s concept with the Mi Mix Fold. The news comes from a newly discovered Xiaomi patent that shows a foldable phone with a wraparound display.

As always, the patent was uncovered and shared by none other than LetsGoDigital.

Xiaomi Patents a Foldable Phone with a Wraparound Display

The patent shows a phone that resembles the Huawei Mate X, but with a single screen that goes around the whole device. The thicker portion on the side holds the phone’s cameras and a button to open up the device when it’s folded, similar to the Huawei Mate X.

The main camera could also be used as the selfie shooter since the device can be used from both sides.

Xiaomi Patents a Foldable Phone with a Wraparound Display

When announcing the Mi Mix Fold, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun mentioned that the wraparound display is a challenge to make. This is likely why the phone ended up being canceled, and that was without the added complexity of the folding mechanism.

Hence, even if this device becomes official, it is likely going to stay a concept phone to showcase new technology. That being said, since it is only a patent, it is unclear whether it will even make it to final production or not.