A few months ago, a Samsung patent for a phone with a sliding display surfaced on the internet. At that time, it pretty much seemed impossible that Samsung will manufacture something like that. Turns out, we were wrong.

Recently, the Korean Media reported that Samsung has set up a private booth at CES to showcase the concept smartphone with a sliding display. If the recent reports are true, this sliding device will actually depict the true engineering capabilities of the Korean Tech Giant.

We don’t know what the device will actually look like but these LetsGoDigital renders give us a fair idea.

These renders show that the smartphone will have a horizontal sliding flexible display improving the overall viewing experience. Meanwhile, the Company might showcase a vertically sliding display that looks something like this.

Samsung has been using its flexible displays in a number of devices including TVs and smartphones (of course!). Moreover, the Company is all set to launch the Galaxy Fold 2 in February. This concept phone display might just be a way for the Korean Tech Giant to gauge public acceptance. This is exactly what it did with Galaxy Fold at the last CES. Hence, we might be in for the first commercialized smartphone with a sliding display.