When it comes to the smartphone market, TCL is hardly a household name. The Chinese company is known for its sub-brands like Alcatel and BlackBerry. However, since last year, the Company has been working on pushing its branded devices in Europe to meet its goal of expanding with some more cutting-edge devices.

Apart from launching new Alcatel entry-level smartphones, TCL has been teasing the launch of both 5G and foldable handsets since last year. Even though there is no word about the foldable handset yet, the Company has unveiled that its 5G smartphone line up will be dubbed as the TCL 10 series and will consist of three smartphones namely: TCL 10 5G, the 10 Pro, and 10L.

TCL has not offered the specification details of the line-up yet but will shed light on the new devices at the currently ongoing CES. The phone-maker plans on holding a proper launch even for the smartphones in late-February during the MWC.

According to Shane Lee, General Manager, Global Product Center at TCL Communications:

Our TCL-branded smartphones and mobile devices will be an important focal point for the larger TCL ecosystem moving forward, and with these powerful and accessible devices coming this year, we feel TCL is well-prepared to compete in any market around the world.

TCL 10 5G

This smartphone, on top of being the Company’s first 5G handset, will be powered by one of Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 7-Series chipsets, probably the Snapdragon 765G. As far as the display and design are concerned, the renders show that the TCL 10 5G will be built around a large display with a punch hole. The fingerprint sensor will be mounted on the back. Like all the smartphones in the series, the handset will feature a quad-sensor camera. Even though the individual specifications of the camera sensors are not known, the renders show that the main sensor will be a 64 MP snapper.

TCL 10 Pro

The TCL 10 Pro looks a lot like the TCL 10 5G, however, the display sets the two apart. This handset will feature an AMOLED display with an edge. Moreover, contrary to the reflected holographic rear featured by the TCL 10 5G, the TCL 10 Pro will come with a glowy pattern. The smartphone will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor and a quad-sensor camera with a 64 MP main sensor.



As the name suggests, the TCL 10L is the base model of the lineup. It will feature a quad-sensor rear camera with 48 MP main sensor and will be built around an LCD display. Hence, the fingerprint sensor will be mounted on the back.