As per tradition, the Xiaomi 12 series has already appeared in a teardown video just a few days after the official launch. The phone is only available in China at the moment so, of course, the video is entirely in Chinese. But it’s not hard to understand what’s going on.

The video was posted on YouTube by WekiHome and it shows the Xiaomi 12 Pro’s glass sandwich build in detail.

The phone can be taken apart with a bit of heat on the rear panel and pry tools slicing off the adhesive on the sides. Once the panel comes off, we can see the massive square-shaped battery compartment in the middle. The wireless charging coil on top of the battery is covered by a protective flap. The triple camera setup and the motherboard can be seen on the top half.

Xiaomi 12 Pro Teardown Shows its Massive Cooling System in Detail

The video also shows the SoC in great detail including the SK Hynix LPDDR5 RAM, the UFS 3.1 type storage, and the CPU/GPU covered in the thermal paste for heat dissipation. The massive VC cooling plate covers all of it to keep the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 cool.

The Sony IMX707 50MP main camera is a 7-piece lens with OIS while the telephoto and ultrawide shooters are 5 and 6 piece lenses respectively. The fingerprint sensor is thinner and costlier than before and the vibration motor is comparable to the iPhone 13’s Taptic Engine.

Check out the video above for more details, but make sure to keep the Google Translate camera feature ready.