Mi Projector Vogue Edition

The Mi Projector Vogue Edition is a smart projector that came from Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform under the Fengmi brand name. Fengmi is Xiaomi’s partnering company that specializes in projectors and they have toned down their latest model to make it more suitable for the average customer.

Xiaomi Launches New Products Including Smart Rubik’s Cube, Blanket & More

This edition projects videos in 1080p resolution and its brightness goes up to 1500 ANSI lumens, which is still better than most. It sports Fengmi’s own image optimization that aids with brightness, colors, sharpness, skin colors, HDR output, and overall image quality.

The projector is equipped with a high-performance T972 chip which has a clock speed of 1.9GHz. It is also extremely power efficient and has support for 8k video decoding. It’s HDMI output features an input delay of only 40ms with game modes.

The Mi Projector Vogue Edition starts at $522.

Smart Rubik’s Cube

Xiaomi has launched a smart edition of the classic Rubik’s Cube that we are all familiar with. It is a 3D combination puzzle that is solved by having only a single flat color on each side of the cube. The difference here is that this one is loaded with all kinds of smart features that make the puzzle more enjoyable and engaging.

Xiaomi Launches New Products Including Smart Rubik’s Cube, Blanket & More

Appearance-wise, it is a pretty standard Rubik’s Cube, but it also has features such as:

  • Magnetic positioning design for smoother movements
  • Six-axis rotation system to help record every rotation and color change
  • Data synchronization via Bluetooth
  • A dedicated app to connect with Android and iOS devices
  • A guiding system to help users solve the puzzle
  • 9 levels of difficulty to challenge the user
  • Replaceable button cells
  • Can act as a remote control for other smart products

The Xiaomi Smart Rubik’s Cube is currently going for a crowdfunding price of $11.

Rubik’s Cube Power Strip

Xiaomi has another Rubik’s Cube inspired item on its list of products, only this one is an ordinary power strip shaped like a Rubik’s Cube.

  • Xiaomi Launches New Products Including Smart Rubik’s Cube, Blanket & More

It has four standard Chinese outlets on all of its sides except for the front. The front has three USB-A ports that can be used for plugging in multiple cables without obstructing surrounding ports with big power plugs. One of its versions comes with a 5-meter power cable and the other one without one.

It has safety features that cut off power across all ports in case of power surges.

The Xiaomi Rubik’s Cube Power Strip has a crowdfunding price of $9.

Yeelight Smart LED

Although the Yeelight Smart LED bulb features a conventional filament design, it is far from being an ordinary light bulb.

This bulb has features including adjustable brightness and smart controls to increase its efficiency. It features a brightness level higher than standard LED bulbs, going up to 700 lumens while consuming only 6W of power. It has a color temperature of 2700k.
Xiaomi Launches New Products Including Smart Rubik’s Cube, Blanket & More

The device can be controlled using a smartphone over WiFi and can be synced with smart speakers as well for voice controls.

It is priced at only $18.

PMA Smart Electric Blanket

The Youpin crowdfunding platform is also offering a winter product for the fast-approaching cold weather. This time its the PMA Smart Electric Blanket which has a minimalist design that Xiaomi products are famous for.

Xiaomi Launches New Products Including Smart Rubik’s Cube, Blanket & More

It makes use of an electric heating wire with a power rating of as low as 24V for safe use. Its smart sleeping mode adjusts the temperature of the blanket according to the body temperature of the user to keep things warm throughout the night. It can be controlled via the XiaoAI assistant through the Mijia app so it can be warmed up before use.

The electric wire version will cost $28, whereas the special graphene pad version will go for $56 once it launched in November.