Back in June this year, the global fast-food brand KFC teased its own gaming console and promised to release it on November 12 this year. The teaser was disregarded as a joke when the release did not happen, but now the fast-food company has teased the KFConsole once again.

The KFConsole was created through a collaboration with Cooler Master the Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer. It has a power button that glows red and also has a ring at the bottom that glows red. The console is designed to look like a chicken bucket from KFC and also has an ejectable tray to store chicken and keep it warm.

It can redirect the heat generated from the system to keep your chicken warm in the Chicken Chamber.


The console sits inside a custom Cooler Master NC100 chassis and features the Intel NUC 9 mini PC. This is paired with an unnamed ASUS mini GPU that sits inside a swappable slot to ensure upgradability in the future. As for storage, you get two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs.

KFC has not officially revealed any specifications, but the console’s official website mentions Ray Tracing and VR support, over 240fps on most games (which is a big claim), and a 240Hz display output on a 4K display.

Pricing and release date are yet to be revealed and we are hoping to see an official announcement early in 2021.